Friday, March 13, 2020

Which Field is Better – Avionics or Mechanical?

Careers in Aviation are on a higher trajectory as Indian and foreign Airlines are booming. With many more tourists and travelers, Airlines are expanding furiously and hence need professionals in large numbers opening up new opportunities for aircraft maintenance Engineers or technicians.
Modern Aircraft is an engineering marvel,  a fusion of the man ’s highest to man’s technological accomplishments and mastery over elements. But these acmes of machines malfunction and require timely servicing and maintenance for smooth functioning, just like a car.
What is different and makes the AME’s responsibilities so onerous and carry such enormous responsibilities is that planes transport thousands of passengers and crew. An  Aircraft Maintenance Engineer cumulatively carries an enormous responsibility and has to be accepted if you want to choose this career.
To enter this career as an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer or Aviation Mechanic- one has to pass through Aircraft Engineering courses from any DGCA approved Aircraft Maintenance Engineering colleges.
The aircraft engineers are responsible for the construction, repair, and maintenance of the aircraft. Their training entitles them to carry out complex maintenance process including diagnostics, repairing, prognosis, and periodical maintenance program as per the Aircraft manufacturers’ manuals. They also issue the critical  Flight Release Certificate for the aircraft to take off.

Difference Between Avionics & Mechanical

Aircraft Maintenance engineering course has the prerequisite for the students to have passed  10+2 level with science i.e. with physics and math. Aspirants then must apply for an AME Course from one of the DGCA approved institutes. Once successfully completed, the student is required to clear the DGCA examination to enter the aviation industry professionals.
The curriculum for 1st & 2nd years of study is common and comprises a combination of on-site studies and on-campus training. Students must choose the fields of specialization, whether mechanical or avionics.  Many aviation engineering &  aviation institute of maintenance allows this option but not all.


In this stream,  all students must learn the basics of all flight systems. If mechanical specialization is chosen, the aspirants  are mandatorily  required to gather  an in-depth knowledge & comprehension about the physical body, engines and every  other minute detail about  parts of diverse  airplanes including
a) the heavy airplanes
b)the light airplanes
c) the jet engines
d) the piston engines


These students are expected to gain a comprehensive &  in-depth knowledge of diverse electrical, navigational and avionic digital systems contained in any kind of aircraft.
This specialized training comprehensively imparts hands-on and practical knowledge about all electrical systems, instrument systems, radio navigation systems, VHF communication modes, automation systems, including installation, diagnostics, prognostics maintenance and repairs. On completion of the AME Course, the students must successfully pass the DGCA Exams.
An aircraft maintenance engineer, after obtaining this license from DGCA, opens up numerous career avenues and job offers with assured limitless career growth. The avenue to choose whether mechanical or avionics depends entirely on the aspirants, depending on the aptitude, inclination, ability, and capabilities.


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Friday, March 6, 2020

Is Aircraft Maintenance Engineers in Demand?

The aviation industry is booming – both locally as well as globally. Consequently, the demand for Aircraft Maintenance Engineers is rising exponentially as the opportunities grow in India and elsewhere. As more people prefer air travel and the aviation industry keeps growing, experts accept that the future for aviation jobs is very exciting. By 2019, the industry will pour more than $2 trillion into the global economy. It would also have created an enormous 100 million jobs globally as the industry adds employment directly and indirectly.

As aviation industry is a global index of the economy, brings revenue and generates employment, all governments boost it to improve the quality of lives. However, as the industry grows wings and more airlines add aircraft to the ever-expanding fleet, there is a growing shortage of professionals too. In such a scenario, students who have successfully undergone 
Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Course or are experienced in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering have a spectacular future ahead.
aircraft maintenance Engineering

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Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Theoretical and Practical Education for Aircraft Maintenance Engineering

 Aircraft Maintenance Engineering is attracting many aspirants after completion of 10+2 in Science stream as civil aviation is booming. The dynamic growth has made the sector promising for building a stable career with great financial returns and long-term social benefits. The aircraft engineers are responsible for construction, repair, and maintenance of the aircraft. The sector hence is always on the lookout for highly skilled personnel with minimum reaction time, who can operate successfully in this ever-changing environment.

Knowledgeable and skilled engineering professionals are in great demand to be placed as AME’S since only an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer can certify an Aircraft to be flying fit. To provide the requisite Technical Education – Theoretical as well as Practical Training on Live Aircraft and maintenance procedures are needed to be part of the curriculum. The technical and practical education for the Aircraft Engineering including for AME’s have to conform to the Airworthy Standards as stipulated by DGCA in India and to the F.A.A (USA), EASA (Europe) and ICAO standards abroad.

The course usually has two main parts and both must conform to DGCA’s regulations as per CAR 147 Basic. These are:

·        Category B1.1 (Aeroplane Turbine)
These trains aspirants in gaining Aircraft Maintenance Engineer’s license. It focuses on training them to maintain the aircraft’s airframe, engine/s, electrical & avionics systems.

·        Category B2 (Avionics) is meant to train AME aspirants to gain an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer’s license for maintaining an aircraft’s electrical and navigational avionics system.

·         Category B1.4 (Helicopter Piston) is meant to train AME aspirants to gain an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer’s license for maintaining an aircraft’s electrical and navigational avionics system.

Trainees need to have a minimum 10+2(PCM) pass out the certificate in the Science and are given extensive training in Mechanical Stream (B1.1, B1.4) and Avionics Stream of Engineering. This enables them to gain employment opportunities in Aviation sector including Airlines and related corporate or Public/ sector organization. 
AME Courses from Indraprasth Institutes of Aeronautics  ensures entry into the dream careers.
The courses are available at Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Colleges in India but care needs to be taken to get admission into the Best Placement College in India. Care should also be taken to ensure that the training is practical so that the trainee gets the confidence to carry out operations unattended and without outside help. The course needs to integrate state of the art technical training for aircraft maintenance engineering and overhaul. AME Course is one of the most popular Aviation Courses after 10+2.

Before gaining Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Admission through a test, inquiries should confirm that the AME College boasts a highly experienced team of instructors and practical trainers and the training program should conform to DGCA regulations. It should also exhibit s consistency and relevance that stays up to the speed with the rapidly changing demands of AME’S.

Admission open for 2020-2022 to batch
Indraprastha Institute Of Aeronautics
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Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Placement Options After Completing Aircraft Engineering Course in India and Abroad

As a career aspirant searching for excitement and responsibility, respect and returns, the most promising field is Aviation. Aviation Courses After 10+2 have emerged as the top career choice as the sector touches the sky in terms of the number of record aircraft ordered by Airlines- e.g. 400+ Airbus 320 aircrafts from Indigo airlines, 200+ Boeing 737’s ordered by Spicejet and a cumulative world record for Air India, the career prospects cannot be brighter.

The recent policies of the Central government to woo the Aviation sector are also playing a part in terms of Civil Aviation Policy 2016. It envisages ensuring India to be the 3rd largest aviation market by 2020 and the largest in the world by 2030. The Regional Connectivity Scheme (RCS) which has been recently inaugurated with the intent of joining and operating dormant airports with new airlines has given a new lease of life to this sector.
ame course

Similarly, the Regional Connectivity Scheme (RCS) reinvigorates the joining and operation of dormant airports and ensures a boom trajectory for these regional airports. The cargo volume and sheer traffic growth in the past years have made these newly developed airports fly ahead in terms of size and volume that in turn is leading to further extension and development. Successfully completing Aircraft Engineering or AME Course from the Top 10 Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Colleges In India opens up the best Placement Options even in this stagnant job scenario.
The Careers in AME after 2-year course completion from DGCA approved organization has infinite possibilities as anyone passing out from the Top 10 Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Colleges in India will be grabbed very soon by the respective Indian and Global Airlines. Apart from a handsome salary, it is an exciting career and reputable job provided Completion of an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Course – a licensed course-including, Part 147 Aircraft Maintenance Program are successfully completed.
Some of the avenues for an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer are:

1.     Aircraft Maintenance Engineering in major airlines.
2.     Line Maintenance in Airlines and chartered plane organizations.
3.     Aircraft Manufacturing Companies – including the biggest like Boeing or Airbus for in-house maintenance.
4.     Warehousing Companies or Private HNI that employ aircraft.
5.     Aviation corporations who loan aircraft and need regular maintenance.
ame course
There are mainly two kinds of work for AME’s

Line Maintenance Mechanics

Line maintenance mechanics INSPECT, troubleshoot, repair on all parts of the aircraft. If errors are detected at airports, they ensure the necessary emergency repairs. Though guided by flight engineers they are responsible for the complete inspection of the aircraft prior and issuing a FIT TO FLY certificate.

Overhaul Mechanics

Overhaul mechanics perform routine maintenance, post the requisite number of flying hours While Aircraft airframe mechanics overhaul the entire airframe, the Aircraft powerplant mechanics are responsible for the engine well being.
The successful completion requires 75% as the passing marks after which you obtain (Course completion certificate) Subsequently, then you need to clear DGCA AME exams.
ame college in delhi

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Sunday, March 1, 2020

Factors for Demand for AME’s

The demand for the Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) graduates is growing in India with the rapid development of this sector. Apart from premier Airlines like Indigo and Spice, many foreign airlines have also jumped into the fray in India like Emirates and Singapore Airline. All these companies endlessly search for qualified, competent professionals as young, energetic and dynamic students coming out of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Colleges in India are in short supply. The opportunities are not limited to local airlines as Indian AME’s are preferred in companies abroad too.
ame Institute in delhi

Globally, figures released by the UK CAA reveal that while fleets are expanding, the AME’S have less than halved in certain countries. Not only is there a visible shortage of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering personnel but the gap is widening bringing good news for aspirants. So it is almost assured that nobody who has done AME Course from 
AME Institute would sit unemployed after successful completion.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineers know that they work in an exciting industry. They gain prestige by the fact that they are responsible for the safety of millions of flyers. They also enjoy higher salaries than other comparable technical personnel. Yet, there is a shortage of skilled AME’s. Nearly 85% of the global personnel in this field are aging and more specialists would be needed all over in the next 20 years.

Apart from being respectable and well paying, this field is very flexible and is more accommodating than most jobs. One can easily switch to related fields like technical sales, maintenance team management once one gains required experience. Not surprisingly, thousands of jobs are posted globally for AME’s. Though Aircraft Engineering is one of the best Aviation Courses after 10+2, there are other options too. Aircraft Maintenance Engineering is very attractive from AME Institute as it ’s the 
Best Placement College in India.
ame institute in delhi

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Thursday, February 27, 2020

Reasons Why Everyone Is Learning Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Course These Days!

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) courses have gained in popularity over the years because of the vast variety of job prospects. This course gives you an in-depth knowledge of the designing, construction, and maintenance of aircraft.


Mechanical Engineering is a degree whereas AME is a certification and license to practice as an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer. Yet, the curriculum is almost the same. The AME course gives you not only the more theoretical knowledge; but additionally, it gives you hands-on experience in handling and maintaining aircraft.
Once the students have completed the basic engineering course, they are taught other crucial subjects associated with aerodynamics. They include:
1.     MECHANICAL (Airplanes & Powerplants):
• Light aircraft,
• Heavy airplanes,
• Jet engines,
• Pistons engines.

2.     MECHANICAL (Helicopters & Powerplants):
• Piston engines,
• Jet engines,
• Rotary wing.

3.     AVIONICS:
• Electrical systems,
• Automation systems,
• VHF communication systems,
• Instrument systems,
• Radio navigation systems.
Once all the subjects have been taught and the requisite practical experienced gained by the student; there are written examinations each student has to undergo before the license is issued. Teaching and testing are carried out by Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Colleges in India as per the guidelines of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), Government of India.
ame college in delhi


Going by statistical data, the earning potential of an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer is very high. First of all, the number of certified AMEs is less than what the aviation industry requires. Hence, most jobs carry premium salaries.
Also, qualified AMEs have found that they are eligible for doing other Aviation Courses after 10+2. These courses will give them opportunities to work with big names in the aeronautics and space industries like Boeing or NASA.
When you have completed the AME course, you will find that your work entails actual maintenance and repairs of aircraft. Whether you join a manufacturing industry or work at airports; your job will involve a close relationship with aerodynamics and aircraft of different types.
IIAG have comprehensive courses that give students a deep knowledge of aerospace engineering subjects. This gives the qualified student very good income prospects and an opportunity to have a very successful career.

best ame college

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Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Best Career Option After 12th PCM (Non- Medical)

As a student who has passed out from 12th standard in PCM, a wide variety of choices await. Engineering remains one of the most stable and respectable that brings recognition as well as financial returns. Once you pass 12th standard in PCM, the huge amount of options means that choosing the best courses becomes very important. As each has their merits and demerits, utmost care has to be taken to ensure that the career choice goes with the aptitude, talent and the returns. Without making this crucial choice a rewarding career right that ensures a better life can be missed.

Indraprasth Institute Of Aeronautics
Join AME With Indraprasth Institute of Aeronautics
Many options and branches are available within the Engineering stream though none of this Graduate course can be completed in less than four years. Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) is an exciting career option if you want to pursue a career away from the normal and the humdrum.
Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) comes with the package that can bring you respect status and returns. It is also looked up to as it involves loads of responsibility, being responsible for the safe flying of millions of passengers. The basic job profile of an aircraft maintenance engineer is to ensure that the aircraft remains airworthy and in perfect working condition by ensuring timely bound maintenance. Inspections are also their responsibility to prevent any mishap they have to carry out any repairs if any fault is detected. As Aviation safety is so crucial and thousands of passengers’ lives at risk, the entire course that grants AME licenses comes directly under the government. The course is under the direct purview of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), Govt. of India.
Aircraft Maintenance Engineer ensures that each and every system fitted in the aircraft is in perfect operating condition throughout its flight operation. The role of an AME is as critical as without their certificate the Aircraft cannot fly. Without this fitness certificate that is under the control of an AME, no aircraft can fly anywhere in the world.
After completing the course from Indraprasth Institute ofAeronautics , you will be acquainted with DGCA aviation regulations. This is the critical part that will give the exact knowledge of the conditions needed to declare an aircraft fit to fly after maintenance.
One has to obtain Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Admission into AME Institute or AME Colleges for completing an AME Course. Though Aircraft Engineering and Aviation Engineering are offered as part of Aviation Courses after 10+2, Aircraft Maintenance Engineering or AME is a three-year course. Unlike other engineering courses, upon completion of where upon completion, you get a license to practice.
The scope of aircraft engineering as a career is rapidly expanding in India. As more Aircraft operators come into India, the number of aircraft and the need for their maintenance will only grow. Thus the need for Aircraft Maintenance Engineers can only go sky high!

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